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Our Dedicated Trainers

We are here to provide you and your family with the best youth soccer experience possible! We are proud to bring you a group of highly accomplished coaches and administrators. Read the bios below to learn more about our CSA Trainers.


Simon Moores: Executive Director[email protected]Manchester United FC
Darren Julian: Director of Business Operations[email protected]Liverpool FC
Stefan Martin: Director of Business Development 
(Volunteer Position)

Over the past 3 years Stefan has volunteered
his time to his teams.
Stefan wants to give back to the sport that has
provided him with
an opportunity to live in the USA.

Arsenal FC
Anthony Lopez: Head of Recreation
[email protected]
Manchester United 
Byron Estrada: Head of Player Development[email protected]
Real Madrid
Denver Yost: Scheduling Manager
[email protected]
Atletico Madrid
Abraham Musambya[email protected] 
Andrew Diaz[email protected]Newcastle United
Angel Fuentes
[email protected] 
Carlos Burbano [email protected]
Carly Branter [email protected]  
Christian Castro
[email protected]  
Christina O'Connor [email protected] 
Emily Baricevic[email protected]Liverpool FC
Gabrielle Goodwin
[email protected]   
Jonathan Campbell[email protected]Real Madrid
Joshua Feliciano[email protected]
Manchester United
Justin Robertellio
[email protected]
Kelly Blank
[email protected]
Lisa Valencia
[email protected] Manchester United
Phil Funcia
[email protected]
FC Porto
Richard Costa
[email protected]  
Rylee Butler[email protected]   
Santi Salme
[email protected]  
Scott Phillips [email protected]
NJ Red Bulls
Shaun Quirk[email protected]Arsenal FC
Tom Notte
[email protected]
Liverpool FC