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EDP Foundation Scholarships for Sportsmanship in Soccer

These academic scholarships will reward soccer players’ sportsmanship and character and those who demonstrate a high level of respect for themselves, their teammates, and their opponents; for the coaches on both sides; for the referees; and for the game of soccer.

$2,500 per recipient.

Up to six scholarships per year. 2020 Applications are OPEN.



Applicants must have played soccer either recreationally or competitively.

Applicants must be graduating from an accredited high school during the current scholarship year AND seeking to continue their education at an accredited university, college, technical school, or trade school.

Awards are based on applicant’s character and sportsmanship, not their level of soccer ability.


Deadline: Applications must be submitted on or before Thursday, April 30, 2020.

Applicants must submit the following materials:

  1. A Soccer Resume which should include your name, address, contact information (email/phone), soccer experience, and extra-curricular activities such as volunteer work, other sports involvement, or employment
  2. A Soccer Essay in which applicants must respond in essay form to this question: How has your involvement in soccer shaped your character, and positively impacted your life outside of soccer? (Max. 500 words)
  3. A least one (1) letter of recommendation from a current or former soccer coach


To be considered, complete applications with all required materials should be submitted in an email to [email protected]

Required materials should be submitted as documents and attached to your email. Preferred files types are word documents or PDF files. Please do not copy and paste any required information into the body of your email.


Applications will be reviewed by the EDP Foundation Scholarship Committee, solely considering the following materials:

  1. Soccer Resume
  2. Soccer Essay
  3. Letter(s) of recommendation from their coach(es)

The EDP Foundation Scholarship Committee will award up to six scholarships each year; if no applicant merits an award during a given year, then none will be awarded that year.

Recipients will be announced in June. Details subject to change.


Terms and Conditions: By applying you agree to the scholarship terms and conditions.

Promotion: This scholarship program will be promoted to soccer clubs participating in EDP leagues and tournaments, but applications are not solely limited to EDP players.

Publicity: Except where prohibited, by participating and submitting an application, applicants agree to allow the EDP Foundation and its respective agents use of their name, likeness, photograph, opinions, and non-exclusive rights to publish excerpts from their applications. Excerpts from essay responses and/or recommendation letters may be used for scholarship-related promotional purposes in any media, worldwide (with or without attribution) including but not limited to, EDP Foundation announcements and marketing materials without further payment or consideration.

Scholarship Funds: Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the recipients applicable university, college, technical school, or trade school. See terms and conditions.